eQUATUM System™ is a multi-disciplinary integration of 4,500 years of medicinal technologies.

These techniques are well known. However they are mostly used individually. The system simply superimposes Ayurveda, TMC, Craniosacral, SRI & SPI with the external energy of Kabbalah, IChing, Gemology, and Spine to the Divine.

This System enhances your ability to convey a high energy displacement that will Feng Sui yourself into an harmonic optimum health.

The System brings awareness to practice:

  • Self Protect your eNERGY field aka Aura
  • Self balance & reorganize eNERGY fluctuations
  • Recognize & intercept negative energies
  • Self manage the eNERGY disturbances around you (home, work or traveling)
  • Meditation & Breathing Techniques
  • Self Craniosacral Protocol between visits
  • Self release eNERGY with Body Mapping

eQUANTUM System™ offers a Resolution for people who are ready to make a change in what is not working in their life; emotionally, professionally, physically, mentally & spiritually. We do have a listening ear for everyone.

When was the last time you were listen and gotten about what is going on in your life?

However we are not here to convince or convert anyone to a new proven miraculous cure while holding your hand in hope that everything is going to heal itself.

Our clear intention is to have YOU take on to believe in YOURSELF and address what is stopping you to live the life you want.

Everyone has the ability to reorganize itself from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual breakdowns. From the time we were born we can choose to either get up and walk or sit and cry every time we fall down.

Social conditioning and engineering have us surrender to what is good for us.

Is it really the case or it simply robs us from clearly choosing for ourselves?

This system is already part of your intuitive and instinctive reflex. It is simply about YOU turning it back on and live at a higher level of power.